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"In the spring of 2007 I watched my 15 year old daughter cross the finish line for the Vancouver Sun Run. I coudn't even imagine participating in such an event. I always thought I was "not a runner" and could never have dreamt of participating in a 10 km marathon.

In the summer of 2007, my husband signed me up for Ultrafit bootcamp for my birthday. I wasn't sure if I should thank him or divorce him! After finishing my first bootcamp, I started to see impressive results, the pounds were coming off, my energy levels were increasing and I could see the hard work translating into... results. I was hooked. I found the Ultrafit trainers to be amazing, encouraging and professional. I signed up for 6 subsequent bootcamps, never missed a class and continued to eat, drink and record my progress.

By Christmas of 2007 I had lost 40 pounds, could sprint up hills and fit back into the clothes I had worn 20 years earlier. In January I continued the fitness regime I had learned on my own. I got up at 6:00 a.m. every morning alternating a cardio workout with weights every morning. My fitness levels continued to improve.

On April 20, 2008 I ran my first ever Vancouver Sun Run, finishing with my whole family in under one hour and ten minutes! As I crossed the finish line of the Sun Run I thought of those first few steps I took in my first bootcamp and how far I've come. " - Lidia Kemeny

When I initially joined Ultrafit Bootcamp, I promised myself to stick with it for a month to determine whether or not it would work for me. Now over a year later I am still with Ultrafit and I can't imagine giving it up! Ultrafit is perfect for me as I need a challenging directed workout, the various locations rotate, the workouts are never the same, and the instructors are motivating and simply incredible. Thank you Ultrafit! -Carly G.

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