Do I have to be fit to join Ultrafit Bootcamp?

We design each class so that everyone can participate at their own level. We don't leave anyone behind nor do we challenge you past you fitness level. As you get fitter we increase the intensity so that we can help bring you up to the next level.

Is the bootcamp only for unfit people?

Not at all we have marathon runners to people who haven't exercised for over 4 years. If you already come from a strong fitness background you can be guaranteed that we will give you a good challenge and you will see an increase in your fitness level.

What type of people join Ultrafit Bootcamp?

People just like you. We always say that our members are the greatest. The wonderful people who participate in the program are motivated to improve their lives through better health and fitness. Our members range in age from mid 20's to early 60's. We've had younger and older members as well. At class we create a non-competitive enviroment where members have an opportunity to connect with other like minded people. The members have fun and love the high calorie burning workouts provided by our experienced Ultrafit Trainers.

Where are your locations?

As you may have seen we use up to 5 different locations per program. Each location is within 5-8 minutes of each other. In Kitsilano all locations are within 5-8 minutes of West Broadway & McDonald. In North Vancouver all locations are within 5-8 minutes of central Lonsdale. In East Vancouver all locations are within 5 minutes of Riley Park on E 30th and Ontario. In Burnaby all locations are within 5-8 minutes of 751 Hammarskjold Drive. Our regular members who have been with us for over 3 years love the variety that each location offers and find this a real bonus to the program.

What happens when it's raining or snowing in Vancouver during the winter?

In the winter we have covered areas at each location so that you can find shelter for the strength component of the program. The cardio will still take place outdoors. If the roads are icy the workout will be modified so that it is safe but you will still get a great workout. In North Vancouver our evening classes use indoor locations for the strength component of the program.

What does a cardio boxing class look like?

Do you need a stress relief after work? You've just found the perfect class! These 60 minutes classes are fun packed with cardio and lots of boxing. You'll be boxing with a partner but don't worry you won't be hitting each other. One of you will wear target pads while the other one is the boxer who punches the pads. You will both get a chance to be the boxer. We also add core and conditioning exercises to the class so that it is a non stop calorie burning workout guaranteed to get you sweating. You are required to have your own boxing gloves and we highly recommend wraps for comfort and safety. You can easily purchase wraps and gloves from Ultrafit and we will bring them to your first class.

What does a typical class look like?

Each bootcamp class gives you a total body workout. We start with a warm up then go into 25-30 minutes of cardio exercises including running/speed walking trails, stairs, hills and other cardio drills. After the cardio we move into strength training for 20-25 minutes then we do abs and core strengthening for 8-10 minutes and finish off with 5-10minutes of stretching.

How do I register?

To register you can fill out our online registration form then call the office to give payment details. You can also call the office and someone will be happy to answer any questions you may have and take your registration details. Please go to our contact page to find our phone numbers.

What happens after the program is finished?

Each week during the program you will receive a home workout so that by the end of the program you will have several programs that you can do on your own. You will also have the opportunity to renew your membership with us and receive the discounted return member rate. As a returning member you receive 15% off your next program. Many of our members take advantage of our 6 month and 1 year packages which gives you up to 35% discount.

"Ultrafit Boot Camp is the best way I've found to continually improve my fitness, be challenged and remain injury-free. The variety of the exercises and the enthusiasm of the instructors keep me motivated. I'm more fit today at the age of 46 than I've ever been in my life!" - Karen Speirs

I returned to regular bootcamp classes Thanksgiving 2009. In 8 months through regular attendance I lost between 48 and 50 lbs. This made a huge difference to my workouts and I have noticed now my cardio, flexibility and strength have increased by leaps and bounds. This is really a credit to the Ultrafit classes. The instructors are very supportive and encouraging and made me really want to both attend classes, even on the rainy days, and push myself a little more with each exercise. The classes are challenging, well-organized and best of all, fun. There is always a real positive atmosphere in each class and I always look forward to chatting with the other campers before or after class. I have far more energy which means I have more desire to work out and push myself further. Best of all, I have seen some really palpable results. So, thank you Ultrafit! - Peter H.

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