Trainers - Ultrafit Team Vancouver

Annilou Verge-Marion
  • Owner & Operator of Ultrafit Bootcamp Ltd.
  • BCRPA Group Fitness Leader
  • Sports Nutrition Specialist
  • Bootcamp Instructor Trainer
  • Level 1 Kickboxing Instructor
  • Outdoor Recreation Management Diploma Program
  • First Aid and CPR-C Certified
  • 10 years training experience
  • Extensive sports background
  • Annilou is a fitness enthusiast. She loves to inspire others in bringing fitness into their lifestyles. Her positive attitude make her a motivational and encouraging fitness leader. Annilou looks forward to helping you reach your fitness goals.
    Heather Lind
  • Can-Fit-Pro certified Personal Trainer, and Group Fitness Instructor
  • Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor
  • First aid and CPR C certified
  • Level 1 Kickboxing Instructor
  • Bootcamp Instructor training
  • Heather has been in the fitness industry for about 10 years and is truly passionate about what she does. She loves to teach people how to live a healthy lifestyle, and she finds nothing more satisfying than seeing someone achieve their goals. Her training style is both challenging and fun. She knows that as long as a person is having fun, they'll want to come back and if they keep coming back they will achieve their goals!
    Marisa Moody
  • BCRPA Certified Weight Trainer
  • BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer
  • First Aid and CPR Certified
  • Rounded Athletic Background
  • Marisa is an avid runner and loves encouraging others to live a healthy and active lifestyle, while having fun at the same time. She has a positive and supportive approach to her training and enjoys working with all levels ensuring everyone is getting a great workout. She thrives off of motivating and challenging participants to reach their personal fitness goals.
    Louise Haut
  • BCRPA Registered Fitness Leader
  • BCRPA Certified Weight Trainer
  • First Aid and CPR Certified
  • Inshape Training Stabilizing the Core Certified
  • Louise is an energetic and enthusiastic leader who loves working outdoors and in a group setting. She loves helping people commit to making fitness a priority in their lives. Louise believes in Ultrafit and its ability to change lives, as it worked for her. She loves to motivate others, and daily seeks out inspiration and the bright side of life.
    Deea Fantaziu
  • Operations Manager of Ultrafit Bootcamp Ltd.
  • BCRPA Personal Trainer
  • BCRPA Group Fitness Trainer
  • BCRPA Weight Trainer
  • BCRPA Fitness Leader
  • First Aid & CPR-C Certified
  • Rounded Athletic Background
  • Deea has been involved with sports her whole life and has competed in martial arts, track & field, swimming and horseback riding. She loves to draw on her extensive athletic background to lead classes that are energetic, challenging and fun. She is a passionate person who loves to help people reach their goals and to show them that incorporating fitness into their lives can be fun!
    Kyla Shore
  • Bachelor of Physical Education
  • Bachelor of Recreation Management & Community Development
  • Bachelor of Education
  • BCRPA Group Fitness Leader
  • Pre and Post Natal Fitness Certification
  • First Aid & CPR-C Certified
  • 20+ years educating, coaching, instructing & playing
  • CIS Basketball Alumni (Former player & coach)
  • Level 3 National Coaching Certification
  • Kyla has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years. As a mom to 3 young children, Kyla understands the challenge of fitting it all in. Kyla has always had a love for sport and fitness, and not only promotes a healthy lifestyle but maintains one as well. She loves to instil her passion for fitness to others. She is a personable and genuine person, dedicated to educating and sharing her knowledge and experience of healthy and active lifestyle with people. Her favourite moments are often the completion of a high energy, challenging class with her groups, seeing people achieve personal success!
    Jocelyn Bachus
  • BCRPA Group Fitness Trainer
  • First Aid & CPR-C Certified
  • Certified in Indoor Cycling
  • Jocelyn is an avid group fitness enthusiast, who teaches fitness classes as a way to share her enthusiasm and positive energy with others. She has taught classes in Yellowknife, Victoria, and now Vancouver. She is excited about all of the wonderful locations Vancouver has to offer for bootcamp! She is an inclusive instructor, offering variations and options for all fitness levels.

    "After being sedentary for the last five years and gaining quite a few pounds, fitness seemed like it was out of reach. I was totally amazed at the results. In four weeks I went from not being able to run around the block to running distance and even up HILLS! Before Ultrafit, I couldn't do a single push up and now doing them from my toes is how I show off to my husband! The exercises are challenging and the variety keeps it interesting. It's helped me discover muscles I never knew I had! The instructors are always encouraging and supportive but push me just enough to keep seeing improvements. My clothes keep getting looser and looser and I've gone from a size 14 to 12 and now going on 10! Ultrafit ROCKS!" - Janet H.

    "Being in our 50's and having always valued the importance of an active lifestyle we wanted to do something together as a couple but our fitness levels and abilities vary. Ultrafit makes it possible for each of us to get a great workout. We love the way we feel from attending regular bootcamp classes. We look forward to seeing our supportive and fun fellow members as well as our wonderful, positive, encouraging instructors. We feel our daily lives are enhanced. Our bodies are fit, our minds are relaxed and our abliity to take just go on bike rides or hikes whenever we want without feeling we are out of shape is great. We also feel that it is important for our 3 children to see how being active is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. We can't say enough about how much we enjoy the company as well. Getting to meet and work out with Annilou and Deea makes for a very personal touch that we appreciate. Thank you to Ultrafit for for providing us with a great way to stay fit." - John & Terri M.

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