Ultrafit Bootcamp is an accelerated Fitness & Nutrition program. We are here to motivate you & help you achieve your goal towards becoming a fitter & healthier individual.


Everyone will be challenged at their own level and no one will be left behind. We have full confidence in our program that we will give you your money back if you don’t get any results.

* must have 100% attendance, complete the before & after evaluation and be a 1st time member to qualify.

I have been participating in Ultrafit for almost two years now. I find the strength and flexibility I have gained through Ultrafit have improved my endurance, health and overall well being. I never knew I had a core - until I trained with Ultrafit. At my age, it is important to stay strong and flexible - I want to play squash, walk and move around smoothly forever - Ultrafit makes sure that I do. The coaches make sure that each person can find its own individual level and challenge. On my own, I would never do the array of exercise and challenge myself like I do at Ultrafit - Ulrike Radermacher.

"The bootcamp program was ideal for someone like me. You see, I'm not motivated or self-disciplined when it comes to exercise but being encouraged by the trainer forced me to keep going and to push a little harder. I know for a fact that I would never run on my own! It wasn't easy for me to get to class by 6pm but it was well worth it (I have an hour's drive home from work). Special thanks to my daughter Kim who bugged me to get going and out the door. I really appreciated the help from all the trainers - Annilou, Emma, Mike, Robert & Claire. It was great to be outside experiencing some of the most beautiful locations in Vancouver. Thanks all of you!" - Patricia J.

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