5 STEPS in starting a great day!

morning-81. Techno-no-no
Roughly 70 percent of people admit to checking their cell phones the second they wake up. Try starting your day with a mini tech blackout and experience the difference of enjoying a simple, quiet morning.

2. Set an intention for the day
Your intentions shape your world, internally and externally. When you set an intention, you essentially ask yourself how you want to feel, creating a clear mindset to make deliberate decisions. For example, if you set an intention to nourish yourself, and a colleague invites you to share a pizza at lunch, you may give yourself more space than usual to determine if that is in alignment with your intention.

3. Gratitude check-in
We live in a world where blessings are ample, yet we often focus on the things we don’t have instead of those we do. Try listing five things you are grateful for every morning—write them down. Research shows that people who consciously focus on what they are thankful for have less stress and greater emotional well-being.

4. Two-minute bed yoga
Start with a stretch. Getting your blood flowing will improve circulation and boost your immune system.

5. Aromatherapy your shower
Add a few drops of essential oil (like ginger, peppermint or rosemary—and remember—a little goes a long way) to your shower for a clarifying and energizing experience. You’ll walk out the door feeling refreshed and ready for anything!

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