New Goals for A New Year

January is a time to reflect on what you’ve accomplished and what you want for the coming year. Check out the goals/resolutions your Ultrafit Team has made below.

Join us for our 8-week Best Body Challenge starting January 16th and get a flying start on your New Year’s Resolutions!

1. Review my goals monthly to stay focused.
2. Meal plan on Sundays for healthy eating, good budgeting and less food waste.
3. Exercise plan monthly to keep consistency with my own training and goals.
4. Do a mountain bike race.

1. Commit to yoga once a week
2. Do a free standing handstand
3. Complete another half marathon with my old running friend (no time goal, we haven’t ran together since 2011 before she had kids, so just to do a race together is the goal).

Resolution photo - Jenny
2016 was a year of injuries, setbacks and rehab, so my main focus for 2017 is to stay injury free! It’s been a humbling year and I’m learning to appreciate the things my body can achieve, and respect that fact that I’m no longer a young whippersnapper who can just get up and go for it.
1. My10km goal for 2016 never happened, and I’m scared to set this goal again as it’ll be a slow build up running longer distances. But ultimately I’ll never give up on that sub 40min 10km
2. I had a fantastic time training for and riding the Whistler Gran Fondo last summer and will definitely to at least one more this year. Think I have my eyes on Banff…
3. Practice being nice to my body and be forgiving when it when it stops me in my stride.

1. Get back to doing a full ballet class en pointe by the end of February.
2. Do an overnight hike with friends
3. Avoid injury by learning to stop when my body tells me too.
4. Write one line a day in my new notebook on something positive that happened.

1. Continue to look for the good in all people and situations.
2. Say hello and smile at people I pass on the street, in the mall, at the rink and in life.
3. I will take time for myself to just breathe, read a magazine, sit on the couch with my husband and watch TV and hang out with my kids.
4. I am looking forward to doing more meal planning for my hungry crew and trying new recipes.

1.Register for at least one 10km race
2.Be more creative with my healthy eating/try new recipes more often
3.Work on adding more heavy weight strength sessions into my weekly workouts
4.Get outside for more hikes this summer

Join us for our 8-week Best Body Challenge starting January 16th and get a flying start on your New Year’s Resolutions!

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