We design each class so that everyone can participate at their own level. We don’t leave anyone behind nor do we challenge you past your fitness level. As you get fitter we increase the intensity so that we can help bring you up to the next level.
Not at all! We have marathon runners to people who haven’t exercised in years. If you already come from a strong fitness background you can be guaranteed that we will give you a good challenge and you will see an increase in your fitness level.
People just like you. We always say that our members are the greatest. The wonderful people who participate in the program are motivated to improve their lives through better health and fitness. Our members range in age from mid 20’s to early 60’s. We’ve had younger and older members as well. At class we create a non-competitive environment where members have an opportunity to connect with other like-minded people. The members have fun and love the high calorie burning workouts provided by our experienced Ultrafit Trainers.
We vary the locations to keep the workouts & runs interesting to our clients. We use up to 5 different locations per program. Each location is within 5-8 minutes of each other. In Kitsilano all locations are within 5-8 minutes of West Broadway & MacDonald. In North Vancouver all locations are within 5-8 minutes of central Lonsdale. Our regular members love the variety that each location offers and find this a real bonus to the program.
In the winter we have covered areas at each location so that you can find shelter for the strength component of the program. The cardio will still take place outdoors. If the roads are icy the workout will be modified so that it is safe but you will still get a great workout. In North Vancouver our classes use indoor locations for the strength component of the program.
Each bootcamp class gives you a total body workout. We start with a warm up then go into 25-30 minutes of cardio exercises including running/speed walking trails, stairs, hills and other cardio drills. After the cardio we move into strength training for 20-25 minutes then we do abs and core strengthening for 8-10 minutes and finish off with 5-10 minutes of stretching.

All clients must sign a waiver & ParQ prior to participating in a class.

Clients should bring a yoga mat, weights (5-10lbs + depending on fitness level) and a water bottle to each class.

Classes are held rain or shine, all clients should dress appropriately for the West Coast weather.

Outdoor Fitness For Everybody

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